LIFE:XP still
After a drought, two new films in a month: we showed Justin Trefgarne's "LIFE:XP" to cast, crew, friends and employers on Tuesday at the Soho Hotel.

We shot on Fuji 250T stock, mostly pushed 1 stop (processing at Deluxe) with an ARRICAM from ARRI Media and a set of Cooke S4 lenses. ARRI Lighting supplied a generous package, and I had a terrific camera and electrical crew over the five days of the shoot. I didn't shoot with a Digital Intermediate planned, but after some heroic negotiation by our post-production supervisor Capital FX scanned the negative at 2k and we graded the finished 11 minutes at their facility in Oxford Circus in real time, projected on-screen. Then it was recorded back to film on CFX's ARRILASER, and Deluxe made the showprint.

Although it's a science fiction story, there's only one Visual FX shot: Double Negative lived up to their name by making a make-up corridor at Shepperton twice as wide. Also colourist Andrew Lim at Capital FX did a great job with a 'security camera' look for one of the sequences. Apart from the finale on Wandsworth Bridge, the whole shoot was at Shepperton Studios (thanks to Gary Stone), although we never actually got inside a stage.

Once again, Dana Wilson took the stills, no dedicated site or trailer yet but watch this space...