Moving to Squarespace

Since the blog at Blogger and the website as a whole weren't getting much attention from me (or anyone else) I thought I'd go to a managed site where I can make updating it as friction-free as possible. Previously, Time Into Light dot com was hosted at Zen, which was fine, but since I'd hard-coded the entire site myself, adding new material seemed like one more thing to have to do. Not to mention I'd learned exactly the right amount of CSS to make everything just a little bit harder than it should have been, and was coming back to it so infrequently that I was essentially having to teach myself all over again each time.

I helped a friend design a site for her Sound & Energy Healing Workshops and used Squarespace after hearing it repeatedly puffed on various Tech podcasts, she was so grateful for the ease of use, after a strong initial reluctance to manage her own website, that I realised I might as well give it a try.

So with the gap in work around Christmas I am dragging some things over from the old site and adding some new stuff, and actually enjoying the process. As I write this, I haven't gone live but I'm hoping the transition will be seamless.