Crispin writes and directs "Clever Dick"

Crispin Whittell, for whom I shot "Hot Dog", has a new play coming to the Hampstead Theatre. It's a follow-up to his show "Darwin In Malibu", which was terrific, and is a comedy about Richard Feynman and the Manhattan Project. So really it should be about physics, but if anyone can make that accessible to a non-scientific audience, it's Crispin.

He's directing it too, and I might be biased but that's definitely a good thing.

Opens 18th May, runs until 17th June

(There are scenes from "Hot Dog" on my reel - download from the main page - and I'm going to ask him if I can put the whole film up on the site. It's very funny and although my lighting has improved since then I'm still pleased with it as a piece of work)