"Sick" is finished and the trailer is online

After some time, the short film I shot for Mike Rymer is finally finished. It's about to go out into the world of film festivals, so until it's had a proper life there, we can't show it online. However the trailer is at Myspace and it will open if you click on the link below.

We shot on Kodak 200T stock, pushed to 400 for the night interiors and exteriors, on a very generous Panavision camera package (Platinum & Primos). Lighting - a 2.5kW HMI PAR and a selection of Kinos and small units - came from Lee Lighting. Deluxe did a great job on the processing and print, and the only VFX elements are the titles burnt into the opening of the film, done at Capital FX in Dering Street.

Christine Hartland was the producer, she and Mike have done wonders to get it this far and we're now very excited about its future. Stills and more information are at the "Sick" website .